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ADMAS is affiliated with the National College of Martial Arts. This organization is presided over by Hanshi Lou Angel in the U.S.A. All test results are officially certified by this body


Welcome to American Dragon Martial Arts!

For more than ten years now we are currently the only martial arts school in The Hague and its suburbs teaching a combination of the U.S. "Urban" Goju Karate style and Shaolin Kempo.

We believe that the ultimate objective for studying martial arts is personal development, physically, mentally and psychologically. Our team will provide you with a full training curriculum to become such a martial artist

Our trainings and classes cover many different aspects, ideas and techniques, coming from Karate and Kempo : self-defense techniques and strategies, physical exercises and flexibility training, fixed defensive and offensive patterns ("katas"), self defense Kempo combinations, attack and defense techniques, energy ("Chi") work and many things more. We also teach elements derived from other martual arts disciplines, such as Judo, Jiu jitsu, Aikido and Tai Chi.

This is all brought to you in an informal and relaxed atmosphere within our two dojos in The Hague and Rijswijk.

All this training serves physical, mental and psychological growth and development, finding and maintaining inner peace and self-confidence, improvement of physical condition and defensibility

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